Managing Director


DORIS WOERFEL   South Africa

Doris Woerfel is the elected Managing Director and a member of the Founding Directors Forum of the African Tourism Council.
She is working in the Tourism Sector for more than 20 years with vast expertise in tourism development and marketing, Together with the Secretary-General of ATC Simba Mandinyenya, she set up this Africa-based NGO and Not for Profit Company in 2020. ATC’s main objective is to act as a tool for the development and marketing of tourism on the African Continent. The key focus is on Capacity Building, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development, and Youth, Women, Community and SMTE Empowerment. 

Over these last 20 years, Doris worked as an expert in the Executive Management for the MICE Sector, VIP- and Sports Tourism Industry and in Destination Management. In partnership with UN-Agencies, African Governments, and International Development Agencies, she invented, initiated, and implemented community-based tourism development programs. These programs make use of Africa’s considerable cultural and natural resources and assets.

One of her key objectives is to concentrate on African previously disadvantaged communities. Her passion is to assist these communities

– in getting ownership and access to under-marketed but highly significant tourist attractions and

– to assist these communities to benefit from the domestic, regional and international source markets.