ATC Associations are entitled to

  • be listed on the ATC Member Directory
  • propose new ATC members
  • participate in and benefit from projects (i.e.capacity building, destination development, resource mobilization, marketing)
  • get appointed as Council Member positions open to the public and private sector 

ATC Associations have access to

  • ATC Summits and Conferences, Events, Workshops, and virtual discussions for a reduced delegate fee
  • the ATC member database
  • tourism research and intelligence
  • ATC Chat Groups such as WhatsApp


Based on the agreement with ATC, Members are entitled

  • to 20% commission on the membership fee for any acquisition of a new ATC member
  • a to be defined percentage of commission, based on the value of resources, including financial, that the Member may raise for the implementation of ATC projects.
  • remuneration as Programme- or Project Manager or any other position, based on the budget and resources for each project

Other Benefits

After the official Acceptance as an Affiliated Member and payment of the Membership Fee, the Member will receive an Email which confirms that He/She qualifies for the following:

  • a Online-Certificate as an Affiliated Member of the African Tourism Council
  • the ATC logo to be published on their website


Membership Fee

  • FREE (until 31 Dec 2021)


If you are interested to support the African Tourism Council as an Association, please click on the Apply button or, if you have any more questions, please Email the ATC Secretariat ( or phone us on WhatsApp +27 82 904 3779..

ATC is looking forward to working with you!


The African Tourism Council Secretariat