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About us



ATC  is a not-for-profit and a non-partisan organization established in 2020 with a vision to grow  Africa’s Wealth through Sustainable Tourism Development. ATC works hand in glove with the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD). The two organizations have developed a Joint Action Plan to promote and implement a COVID-19 sustainable tourism recovery strategy across the African Continent. ATC’s focus is to craft programs and projects that are global from a strategic position but localized from a practical position, therefore responding to the specific needs of each African Union (AU) Member State (MS).

ATC is therefore

  • an active implementing agent of the AU Agenda 2063 “The Africa we want”, which has been adopted as Africa’s Blueprint and Masterplan for Sustainable Development and Economic Growth
  • committed to supporting this ambitious program with its own events, programs and projects
  • also works with all AU Members States in support of their objectives and strategies in growing and developing their tourism economies and
  • has a perpetual existence in African Union Member States with its Headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg.

 The strategic objective is to have an organization that allows (AU Member States) public and private sector to rally together in this “New Era” post the Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its paralyzing effects on our tourism sector and our economies. The focus is to grow the continent’s tourism industry with an initial inward-looking Intra-African Tourism Trade approach and – as the World opens up to Africa and Africa to the World – to approach the global markets from a position of strength.


Tourism as a catalyst for

Unity | Peace | Growth | Prosperity 

for the people of Africa! 

Our vision

Growing Africa through Sustainable Tourism.

Our code of ethics

ATC Supports the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which highlights the decisive and central role of UNWTO as recognised by the General Assembly of the United Nations in promoting and developing tourism with a view to contributing to economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity and universal respect for, and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction and without any form of discriminations. 


ATC is committed to improving the livelihoods of the people of Africa through  tourism  by promoting, facilitating, lobbying and venturing into tourism enterprises using the following enabling factors:

vCarry out relevant research, provide statistics and market intelligence

vcreating strategic networks between and among the  continent’s tourism stakeholders

v running capacity building and resilience programs

v promoting and lobbying for the free movement of all Africans across Member States borders,  and the Easy movement of visitors to the continent across the  national borders

v Free and secure movement of  tourism goods and services across Member States borders

v Access to financial and tourism resources by the majority of Africans wishing to venture into travel and tourism activities across the continent

v development and promotion for the preservation and sustainable utilization of  Africa’s cultural and historical heritage

v Promoting  sustainable investment into the continent’s tourism sector by locals especially Small to Medium Scale Tourism  Enterprises, also from abroad

vMarketing African Tourism targeting all markets (domestic, regional, intra-African and overseas)


Objective 1: To build  a strong impactful ATC,

Key activities:

Resource mobilization

Building of robust structures to provide leadership, and for implementation of programs and projects

Objective 2:

Access to good positive information:  To be a one stop agency (Centre of Excellence) for the provision of tourism information including statistics accessible and for informed decision making by all stakeholders.

Strategic Activities:

üCreate a comprehensive database, carry out research and provide relevant information to all users via digital, online social media platforms as well through traditional information dissemination and communication systems.

Objective 3

Influence positive improvement of Africa’s product and service quality

Strategic Activities:

-Lobby for continental open skies policy based on the Yamoussoukro Agreement.

Promote and facilitate globally competitive sustainable tourism standards.

Lobby for incentives and a more  friendly and competitive business environment for African entrepreneurs.

Promote and facilitate investment in travel and tourism infrastructure ,goods and services.

Establishment of an entrepreneurial mindset for the tourism industry across the Continent

Objective 4:

Tourism Investment Promotion

– Research and strategic market intelligence

– Workshops, and an  annual leadership and  Investment Summit

Objective 5:

Create awareness and capacity to ensure all tourism stakeholders in Africa apply Sustainable Tourism Practices (Consumption and Production) in their operations and activities including Policy, Legislation and Regulations.

Strategic Activities:

 Create awareness, capacitate and empower the central and local governments, the private sector, including small operators, local communities, women and youth to value and sustainably manage their operations.

Objective 6

Marketing and promoting all African destinations.

With the establishment of a single continental free trade area by the AU strategy, tourism must be at the forefront.

Strategic Activities:

üOrganize/Attend/Participate at Fairs and other MICE programs that benefit Africa and its destinations.

üUse online, digital and social media platforms to market Africa and its destinations.

üFocus on positive news and facilitate such news to be told by the Africans themselves.

üUpgrade and effectively use the website to communicate and market Africa

üUse print media and other traditional methods to promote Africa

üEngage with all relevant stakeholders (MEDIA HOUSES) creating strategic partnerships





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